What is Divine Journey?

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “What is Divine Journey and how does it relate to me?’” We believe that everyone’s Journey is Divine, you just may not know it yet. And why is it Divine you wonder? Because it took every single thing you went through to get you to this moment, here and now, and as challenging as it may have been, since it led you to this moment it is Divine. We all hold divinity within us and through learning how to balance those Divine energies within us will we begin to clear the way for breakthroughs.

Everyone’s Journey is different, therefore, my approach is to meet you where you are and help you uncover the limiting beliefs and habits that may be holding you back. Together, we begin creating the space for your authentic self to shine. Through several techniques and modalities that encompass the Divine Journey principles such as Theta Healing, Energy work and meditation, to name a few, we begin to take a deep dive together to find out what’s blocking you and eradicate it. Sometimes, you don’t know what it is but you can definitely tell that you are stuck in the same rut or cycle. I am here to help you break free from that, by helping you see what you can’t see and assisting you in implementing new ways of being to support you in your Journey.

Coaching that fits each client's specific needs:

One-On-One Coaching -

Each 60 minute coaching session will give you the clarity and guidance you need to help you garner new insights and get on the path to your individual Divine Journey. 

Breakup Coaching -

Are you going through a difficult breakup? Mio will work with you to clear your mind, renew your sense of self, rediscover your self-worth, find emotional equilibrium and reclaim your power during this hour and a half session. Learn how to create a happy life for yourself - with or without your ex.

Healing Circle -

Host a Healing Circle and bring together a group of your closest friends for two hours of healing at your home or location of choice. Bring like-minded men and/or women together for this circle of growth, forgiveness and transformation.

9-5 Intensive One-On-One Coaching -

This intensive, all-day coaching program is specifically tailored to you and the areas that you want to concentrate on. You'll take a deep-dive into key facets of the Divine Journey and give you the techniques and specific actions needed to start taking your life to new heights. This special coaching includes a personalized assessment, 30-day Email support, and access to training materials.

3-Month Coaching -

Mio’s weekly coaching offers rigorous one-hour sessions that give tools you need to get in the direction you need to unleash new discoveries that optimize your life and move you forward. Get past old beliefs and counterproductive patterns and reach new breakthroughs. This 3-month coaching program is structured to give you the support you need to make real shifts that garner boundless growth. The program includes a personalized assessment, one-hour weekly calls, 4-month Email support, and access to training materials.

Couples or Group Coaching - Rates Available Upon Request

Please contact us directly for rates.